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Mens Sexy Swimsuit

Finding the right mens sexy swimsuit design. Ready to get rid of those surf shorts and board shorts and start going European style. Men all over the world including the USA are switching to mens sexy swimsuit designs. Bikinis, thongs, G-strings, Semi and fully sheer suits along with male form, cock shaped suits and pouch only designs that give you the best tan line, show off your shape and feel great to wear. Making the change is a big deal for some men but look at all the ladies around. It does not matter to them what type of bodies they have most wear very sexy suits even if their butts are 3 times to big for them. I appreciate women wearing what they want and have no problems with them wearing as sexy a suit as they like. My preference runs to slim women but I have seen very large girls wearing g-strings that barely cover the vagina and I find that a turn on too. Men need to give it a try. Wearing a mens sexy swimsuit is a turn on. Most guys get hard the first time they slip on a spandex Lycra suit. The reason is that it feels great. Amaze yourself and give it a try. Once you go micro you will never go back!



Extreme mens swimwear designs by Koala